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Coloring the World with Art, one Abstract Painting at a Time!

LoffredoArt is Joe Loffredo’s artist website. Joe creates abstract paintings in acrylics. His work is filled with eye-pleasing colors and shapes that flow. Prints and art on items are available through pixels.com. Originals are also available.

In Flight 90 painting
In Flight 90

Make other items visually interesting with art

Abstract art looks good on your walls as prints, but the colors and patterns of the art work look great on items too. You can put any LoffredoArt image on these items:

  • Cell phone cases
  • Throw pillows
  • Weekender tote bags
  • Tote bags
  • Carry-all pouches
  • Yoga mats
  • Spiral notebooks
  • Greeting cards
  • Coffee mugs

You can choose an image, move it around on the item, and zoom in to get exactly the portion you want on the item. Essentially, you’re making art from art! To get started, just browse the portfolio and select any image. It’s fun!

Artist Statement

For me, art is all about color. Some colors are bright and beautiful. Others are considered dull and muddy, and are avoided by artists. But I love them all! Abstract art is my outlet to express my love for color. When I was a chid, everyone thought I was colorblind. If you pointed at an item and said it was orange, then pointed at a second item that was orange and asked me “what color is it?”, I would say it wasn’t orange. I suppose it was pretty puzzling until someone figured out that I saw the second item wasn’t the same shade of orange as the first, so to me, it wasn’t the same color.

I’ve never heard of anyone being called a color freak, but it describes me well! I absolutely love creating and changing colors as I work the canvas. I like to take risks and do something different that hasn’t been done before.

Mission Statement

To change ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones with bright, colorful art work that customers love.

Vision Statement

To make the whole world more beautiful and visually interesting, through art.

Explore the Portfolio

To see the portfolio and buy prints, see the Portfolio Site, where you can browse through multiple galleries of images and select pictures to order. Each picture comes in multiple sizes, so you can order just the right size for your wall space. Wall art also comes in a choice of materials such as canvas, paper, metal or wood. Paper (Framed Prints) have a wide selection of mats and frames to choose from.

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