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Frequently Asked Questions

I love your work! Where can I buy it?

Thank you – that’s great!! Just go to my portfolio site on Pixels.com. Select a picture from the portfolio and select the size and type of print you want. Each picture comes in multiple sizes, materials such as canvas, paper, metal or wood, and you can choose frames and mats. Your orders will be prepared and shipped to your door by Pixels.com/Fine Art America.

What is Pixels.com and Fine Art America?

Fine Art America is like Amazon. On Amazon, you can buy products from multiple sellers, and the process is all through one company – Amazon. With Fine Art America, you can buy art products from multiple artists, and the process is all through one company – Fine Art America. They handle everything – manufacturing/printing, framing, matting, packaging, shipping, and payment. They have 14 production facilities running 24hrs/day to produce the items you want, the way you want them. Fine Art America has been in business since 2006 and is the world’s largest art marketplace and Print-On-Demand (POD) company.

The company has two web sites – pixels.com and fineartamerica.com. Pixels.com is the newer site and has both wall art and non-wall art items. Fineartamerica.com is older and has wall art items only.

Pixels.com is the preferred site to use. Each site has their own user accounts, but all you need to do is to create your account on Pixels.com (only) and you’re set.

Do I need to buy special hanging hardware to hang the print when I order it?

Prints from Pixels.com come ready to hang – there’s no additional hardware needed!

Why should I buy prints versus an original?

Prints are a great way to Brighten & Beautify your space with art. They’re available in a wide rage of sizes, from as small as 8” to 60” (5 feet!). So you never have to worry that the painting will be over or under sized for the space you want it to go in.

Don’t think that you need huge open spaces on your walls in order to have paintings, or that smaller-sized paintings won’t look nice. Sometimes, a smaller piece of art work is exactly what you need to brighten up a space, whether it’s in your apartment, office, home, or other locale.

Since every painting is offered in many sizes, you’ll never have the art buyer’s worst nightmare – “I absolutely love the original, but I can’t buy it because it’s the wrong size for the wall I want it to go on!“

Prints come on canvas, paper, metal, acrylic, wood, and fabric. So you can put a painting in places you wouldn’t otherwise be able to, such as a bathroom.

If you like a painting and want it in multiple locations, such as your home and office, or for multiple sites in your business, you can simply order additional prints. And you can easily change the size and/or material to suit each location.

If a print somehow gets damaged or can no longer be used, it’s not a total disaster. Just order an identical print to replace it!

How do I know what the art will look like on my wall before I order it?

Pixels.com has a cool mobile app that allows you to see what the art work will look like on your wall. It’s 4 easy steps.

How do I create my orders for prints on pixels.com?

Prints are available on canvas, paper, metal, acrylic, wood, and fabric/tapestries. Here are a couple of quick videos that go though the options for ordering art on canvas and on paper. The rest of the materials are basically similar to canvas.

On Canvas

On Paper

Note that when you’re adding mats, the bottom mat is the one that touches the picture. The top mat does not touch the picture, it only touches the bottom mat.

If you need help and/or would like suggestions on frame/mat combinations, just contact me. I’d be happy to help!

The prices look high, department stores cost less.

Department store pricing is typically based on manufacturing in very large quantities. Mass production lowers their cost so they can sell at a lower price. But it also creates waste – a lot of it. Thousands upon thousands of items that didn’t sell become trash that accumulates in landfills and/or the ocean, which harms the environment. Mass production also dramatically reduces the selection of items, because it’s too expensive to mass produce many variations of a single item. This leads to the limited selection of Bland & Boring that department stores offer. With Print On Demand (POD), an item is manufactured only when a customer places an order (essentially one at a time). This avoids the massive waste involved with mass production and also makes virtually limitless variety possible. Print On Demand is environmentally friendly and is the end of Bland & Boring! 

Garbage dum (Mass Production) versus Wooded Scene (Print On Demand)
Mass production harms the environment through many unsold extras that accumulate in landfills.

I'd rather have the original instead of a print, are they available?

Originals have their own appeal, and yes, they’re available!Just contact me.

Do you take commissions for art work?

Thank you for asking, I appreciate it, but not at this time.

Image credit: Landfill and forest images adapted from https://www.flickr.com/photos/cogdog/9090732482 and https://www.flickr.com/photos/hannesflo/27171468987/ respectively, with permission.