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Artist Press Kit - Joe Loffredo

Coloring the World with Art, one Abstract Painting at a Time!

Photo of Joe Loffredo with painting entitled Waterfropnt

Artist Statement

For me, art is all about color. Some colors are bright and beautiful. Others are considered dull and muddy, and are avoided by artists. But I love them all! Abstract art is my outlet to express my love for color.

When I was a child, everyone thought I was colorblind. If you pointed at an item and said it was orange, then pointed at a second item that was orange and asked me “what color is it?”, I would say it wasn’t orange. I suppose it was pretty puzzling until someone figured out that I saw the second item wasn’t the same shade of orange as the first, so to me, it wasn’t the same color.

I’ve never heard of anyone being called a color freak, but it describes me well! I absolutely love creating and changing colors as I work the canvas. I like to take risks and do something different that hasn’t been done before.

Mission Statement

To change ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones with bright, colorful art work that customers love.

Vision Statement

To make the whole world more beautiful and visually interesting, through Art.


Unlike many artists, Joe was not artistically inclined at an early age. He did nothing at all with art until college, when he painted fantasy and military lead figures. At the time, he called himself a painter as opposed to an artist, because he didn’t use any shadowing or fancy techniques, and such things would merit the title of artist. He painted on and off for a few years afterward, and then left it completely.

Many years later (and well before Covid-19), Joe had a job where he worked at home three days a week. An educational TV channel featured painting shows during his lunch time, and he began watching them regularly. Before long, he became interested in acrylics. For the first few years, he produced landscapes, but just wasn’t happy with them. He tried abstracts and found them much more satisfying. Today, he paints abstracts, and occasionally, some abstract landscapes.

Artist Resume

Art shows

  • West Seneca Art Society Spring and Fall shows (Spring 2014 – Fall 2019)
  • Dr. Novelli Wellness Center (3 monthly shows in Winter 2014, quarterly shows from Spring 21015 – Winter 2016)
  • Chili Art Group (Spring 2011)

Art work arrangement/composition (hanging of art work for art shows)

  • West Seneca Art Society Spring and Fall shows (Spring 2015 – Spring 2019)
  • Novelli Wellness Center (3 monthly shows in Winter 2014, quarterly shows from Spring 21015 – Winter 2016)

See the Portfolio

My work is hosted on pixels.com, which is a great site that makes my paintings available not only as wall art prints but on many other items including tote bags, throw pillows, and cell phone cases. And the quality is excellent. Just click the button below to see a curated collection of my work.


Prints are available for purchase on the portfolio site. Originals are available for purchase – just contact me at joe@loffredoart.com.

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