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    Image of Joe Loffredo with a print of the Waterfront painting, https://joe-loffredo.pixels.com/art
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Touches Of Holland painting, https://joe-loffredo.pixels.com/featured/touches-of-holland-joe-loffredo.html

Art Makes your Favorite Spaces come Alive!

Art is powerful. When you enter a room and suddenly stop because a painting grabs your attention, the room is transformed! The colors and patterns in the painting brighten up and beautify the room, changing everything.

Paintings are perfect for your house, apartment, office, or other space. Art in your workplace relieves stress, affects creativity and productivity, enhances employee morale, and makes a positive impression on customers.

Coloring the World with Art, one Painting at a time!

6 paintings as a sample of the portfolio located at https://joe-loffredo.pixels.com/art
Some colors are bright and beautiful. Others are considered dull and muddy. But I love them all!

I paint because Abstract art is how I express my love for color. And I'm coloring the world with art, one painting at a time!

I’ve never heard of anyone being called a color freak, but it describes me well. When I was a child, people thought I was colorblind. If you pointed at an item and said it was orange, then pointed at a different item that was also orange and asked me what color it was, I would say it wasn’t orange. Eventually, someone figured it out. The second item wasn’t the same shade of orange as the first, so to me, it wasn’t the same color.

As I work the canvas, I love to play with colors, shapes, textures, and patterns. I like to take a risk and do something different that hasn’t been done before.
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Prints that Brighten & Beautify your Space

A print gives you all the beautiful color of the original and it comes in the size you want it to be. Prints can be as small as 8” or as big as 60” (that’s 5 feet!).

Don’t think that you need huge open spaces on your walls in order to have paintings, or that smaller-sized paintings won’t look nice. Sometimes, a smaller piece of art work is exactly what you need to brighten up a space, whether it’s your apartment, office, home, or other locale.

Since every print comes in the size you want it, you’ll never have the art buyer’s worst nightmare – “I absolutely love the original, but I can’t buy it because it’s the wrong size for my wall!

Prints come on canvas, paper, metal, acrylic, wood, and fabric/tapestry. The choice of materials offers many price points. And it also allows you to put a painting into a place that it wouldn’t ordinarily go, like a bathroom or garage.

If you want the same painting in more than one place, such as your home and office, or for several locations in your business, just order additional prints. You can change the size and material of the prints to suit each location.

Heaven forbid that a print ever gets damaged or becomes unusable, but if it happens, it’s not a total disaster. Just order an identical print to replace it!

Over The Edge print with frame and mat
Over The Edge with mat and frame

Is it a print or the original? You can’t tell.

I work with Pixels.com/Fine Art America to produce prints of my paintings because their quality and workmanship is excellent. When the print arrives, it’s ready to hang – no need to worry about having to get extra hanging hardware. The color reproduction is outstanding. And I’ve been asked multiple times if a print is the original painting.

The painting below is titled Primordial Soup, and is shown as a print on canvas with a gallery wrap frame. Gallery wrap frames can have the image wrap around the sides, like this one does.
Primordial Soup painting with gallery wrap frame https://joe-loffredo.pixels.com/featured/primordial-soup-joe-loffredo.html?product=canvas-print

If you like traditional frames and mats, there are many frames to choose from, and up to 2 mats per print. With this kind of flexibility, you can create all kinds of art for your spaces. Pixels.com is one of the few companies that offers a wide variety of both mats and frames. Many/most other companies only offer black, white, and brown frames with no design on them, and very few mats, if any. In other words, Bland & Boring.

If you’d like suggestions and/or help with frames and mats, just contact me.

Afraid the print won’t look good on your wall? Just preview it first!

Use pixels.com’s mobile app for Apple and Android, and you can see what the painting will look likeon your wall before you buy it. You’ll need your printer, one sheet of paper, and a little bit of tape. Blue painters tape is ideal, but regular masking tape works too. Avoid scotch tape as it can pull paint off your wall.

Here’s a guide on how to preview your painting, and it’s easy!

How to preview your painting on your wall before you buy it!
Preview the painting on your wall!

What if you previewed the picture on the wall, got it home, and it still doesn't look right?

Pixels.com has a 30-day return policy on your order with money back (you pay for shipping).

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You can put a Painting on a Cell Phone Case??

Absolutely! Just pick any painting in the portfolio and select your iPhone model. Zoom in using the Image Size slider, and then move the painting around on the phone until you get exactly what you want. It only takes a minute to get used to, and it’s fun to create your own custom case! Do you have an older iPhone or maybe an old Samsung phone that needs a facelift with a cool new case? We have cases for those too!

Here are some examples with the painting Amber Storm. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the 3 phone cases are from different sections of the overall painting. You can also use the whole painting and the site will pick a matching color for the background (which you can modify).

Abstract Art on Cell Phone cases - use any part of the painting!
Zoom in and use any part of the painting for your phone case!
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Here’s a quick video on how to put a painting on a phone. Try it and you’ll see that it’s fun because you're making art from art. And it works basically the same way for all the other items that you can put a painting on!

Amber Storm painting on a cell phone - thumbnail for video

Throw Pillows with a painting on them will Brighten & Beautify your space

Throw pillows are a great accent for your living room, family room, bedroom, or other space. Creating your pillow is the same as putting a painting on a cell phone case. Here are some examples from the painting Harvest Brilliance. It has a neutral background and includes greens, purples, yellows, and whites. So it could pick up and accent many different colors in your space. Notice that the 3 pillows are from different sections of the overall painting.

Throw pillows with Abstract Art patterns
Change your room with unique throw pillows
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Paintings on Tote Bags too!

These totes are based on the Surfer Heaven painting. Selecting a portion of the painting really changes the design on the bag! When you need a bag to bring things to school, work, or somewhere just for fun, you can pick any painting in the portfolio and make a cool tote bag with it.

Tote bags available at https://pixels.com/featured/surfer-heaven-joe-loffredo.html?product=tote-bag
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Weekender Tote Bags

When you need something bigger than a regular tote, get a weekender tote, with either white or natural rope handles. Here are some weekender totes with the Valentine painting.

Weekender totes available at https://joe-loffredo.pixels.com/featured/valentine-joe-loffredo.html?product=weekender-totebag
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Tired of the boring carry-all pouches in the department stores? Pick up some cool and stylish ones instead!

These pouches were created with the Touches Of Holland painting. Pouches come in small, medium, and large sizes, with either regular bottom or T-bottom. Make your pouches look exactly the way you want. Say goodbye to the Bland & Boring that department stores offer!
Pouches with Touches Of Holland painting, available at https://joe-loffredo.pixels.com/featured/touches-of-holland-joe-loffredo.html?product=pouch
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Yoga Mats with paintings on them? Yes, and there's a lot of amazing things you can do!

Many/most yoga mats come in a limited selection of single colors. In other words, Bland & Boring. Put a painting on your yoga mat to Brighten & Beautify it up! This painting is Indigo Crystal. You can put the painting on the mat in either the horizontal or vertical positions, so you can create a lot of interesting designs, like these.

Yoga mats are available at https://joe-loffredo.pixels.com/featured/indigo-crystal-joe-loffredo.html?product=yoga-mat
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Art on Coffee Mugs? You bet!

Mugs come in two sizes, 11 oz. and 15 oz. When you put a painting on a mug and choose to use the whole painting, the painting won’t cover the entire mug. Pixels.com automatically adds a matching background color to make up the difference, which you can change if you like. When getting a mug, use the 3D view to ensure that it looks the way you want it to.

Here's a mug with the Primordial Soup painting on it. The first two mugs on top are a mug with the whole painting on it and the 3D view of it to see the color pixels.com added. The three mugs on the bottom show a mug with the painting zoomed in, which covers the entire mug (with the exception of the handle).

Coffee mugs with the Primordial Soup painting, https://joe-loffredo.pixels.com/featured/primordial-soup-joe-loffredo.html?product=coffee-mug
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Spiral Notebooks suddenly aren't Bland & Boring anymore

Have you seen or used those traditional school composition notebooks with the black and white "marbled" covers? They're so Bland & Boring! Why not get a spiral notebook with a cool cover instead? The painting is on the front, the back cover is gray and has a folder on the inside of it. The notebooks are 6″ x 8″ and have 120 pages (lined on both sides). These notebooks were created from the painting Sherbet Breezes.

Do you have a class or event or something else where you want to get a large quantity of the same notebook for everyone? Contact me.

Spiral notebooks, https://joe-loffredo.pixels.com/featured/sherbet-breezes-joe-loffredo.html?product=spiral-notebook
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Send Greeting Cards that are special

Greeting cards are a nice way to say hi to someone, especially when you haven't talked in a long time. Don’t wait for a holiday or other special occasion to send a card. Greeting cards have a painting on the front and are blank inside or can have a message of up to 500 characters, and also include envelopes. Cards come individually, or in packs of 10 or 25.

Here’s the Graycliff Reflections painting. The painting can go horizontally or vertically onto the card, so there are lots of possibilities.
Greeting cards with Graycliff Reflections, https://pixels.com/featured/graycliff-reflections-joe-loffredo.html?product=greeting-card
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Originals are available for purchase too

Originals have their own special appeal, and yes, they are are available! Just contact me.

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