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Unique abstract art that brings color and life into your favorite spaces, and onto your favorite things

Art work transforms your house, apartment, office, or other space into something extraordinary. When you enter a room and suddenly stop because a painting grabs your attention and keeps it, your perception of the room is transformed. The colors and patterns in the art work combine with the surroundings in interesting and creative ways that brighten up any space.

Galleries of paintings with interesting colors and shapes!

LoffredoArt Gallery Site

My paintings have a lot of bright, vibrant colors, and unusual shapes. I discovered that my abstract art looks like a whole new picture when you rotate it, so I created 4 galleries/collections, one for each rotation around a circle. The Abstract Gallery shows the art work in the original, "as it was painted" position. The next 3 galleries (Abstract 90, Abstract 180, Abstract 270) rotate the image counterclockwise by 90, 180, and 270 degrees, respectively. Here's a quick video that explains the differences between the 4 galleries.

What are the Abstract 90, 180, and 270 Galleries?

Shopping on Fine Art America/

My portfolio is hosted by Fine Art America/, and you can browse through it via the shopping cart below or you can go directly to my gallery site. You can order directly from the shopping cart below, but my suggestion for the smoothest buying experience is to create an account and log in before you create and place your order.

Quality matters, and that's why my art is produced by Fine Art America

I go through Fine Art America to produce prints of my art work because the quality of their materials and workmanship is excellent. When the wall art arrives, it is ready to hang - no need to worry about hanging hardware. The color reproduction from the digital image to the finished picture is outstanding. And I've been asked multiple times if a Fine Art America reproduction is the original painting.

Who is Fine Art America?

Fine Art America is somewhat similar to Amazon. On Amazon, you can buy products from multiple sellers, and the process is all through one company - Amazon. With Fine Art America, you can buy art products from multiple artists, and the process is all through one company - Fine Art America. They handle everything - printing, framing, matting, packaging, shipping, and payment. They have 14 production facilities running 24hrs/day to produce the items you want, the way you want them.

Fine Art America is one company with two web sites - and primarily sells wall art and non-wall art items, and is the preferred site to use. is the older site and sells only wall art. Either way, Fine Art America has been in business since 2006 and is the world’s largest art marketplace and Print-On-Demand (POD) company.

Fine Art America makes Variety the Spice of Life

Through Fine Art America, my artwork is available on canvas, paper, metal, wood, and acrylic materials. There are over 60 mats and 150 frames, creating thousands of possible combinations. In addition to wall art, you can put the images onto cell phone cases and many other cool items - more about that shortly.

Flexible size options ensure your picture fits your wall space perfectly

Abstract Art Framed and MattedFine Art America's print sizes range from about 8” to 60” or more. So you never have to worry about artwork that's too big or too small for the space you have. Don't think that you need huge open spaces on your walls in order to have abstract art work, or that small works of art won't look nice. Sometimes, a smaller piece of art work is exactly what you need to brighten up a space, whether it's your apartment, office, home, or other locale. Every picture is offered in many sizes, so you can buy the size that fits perfectly in your space. With a variety of sizes to choose from, you'll never have the art buyer's worst nightmare - "I absolutely love the picture, but I can't buy it because it's too big or too small to look right in my apartment, house, office, or business!"

How to properly select print sizes on Fine Art America/

As you are selecting the options for your picture, the dimensions listed on the screen will automatically update. For example, here are the dimensions of a piece with mat and frame:

Image: 30" x 23"

Mat Border: 2"

Frame Width: 2"

Overall: 38" x 31"

Note that the image is 30” x 23" but the overall is 38” x 31" – that’s a difference of 8 inches in width and 8 inches in height. The overall is the most important dimension to be aware of, because if you don't keep an eye on it, you can end up with a picture that's too big for your wall. It's wise to measure the space on the wall that you expect the picture to take up, including the mat and frame, before you select any options on

If you have trouble visualizing, the mobile app shows the picture (with mat and frame) on your wall before you order it. It could help you decide on sizing and where to put a piece of art. Another way to visualize the size of a print is to simply mark off the picture's space on the wall with blue painter's tape, or holding a piece of similar-sized cardboard against the wall. Just be sure to remove the painter’s tape right after you’re done.

I love abstract art but I'm not sure it'll look right on my wall - can I see a preview?

Yes, you can preview every picture on your wall before you buy it!'s mobile app works on iPhones and Android phones. Here's a quick tutorial on how to preview a picture on your wall.

Wall Target With Phone

Does a print have to be on canvas? What choices are available?

LoffredoArt on multiple materials

Can you guide me through the options for ordering my pictures as wall art? There are a lot of choices.

Sure - here's a quick video that goes through the options for art on canvas. You can get wall art on acrylic, canvas, metal, paper, and wood. The options for materials other than canvas and paper are fairly similar (but do not have or need frames). Note that for a Framed Print (which is paper), you can add one or two mats. The top mat is the outside one that is farthest from the picture. The bottom mat is the one that is inside and closest to the picture.

Link to video - ordering a canvas reproduction
Ordering a canvas reproduction on (4:17)

I don't have an eye for picking frames and mats - can you help me?

A catalog of pictures with suggested frames and mats is in the plans, but in the meantime, if you email me with the following items I'd be happy to get back to you with a few suggestions:

  1. The link to the picture you want.
  2. The material you want (ex. canvas or framed print). Note that acrylic, metal, and wood materials do not have frame/mat options.
  3. The size you want (it does not have to be exact, but you can quickly copy it right off of the picture page, on the size tab).
  4. Ideally, a couple photos of the area you want to hang the art in - a day shot and an evening/night shot. Even a basic idea of the color(s) in the surrounding area would be helpful.

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Abstract art looks very cool on things too!

The colors, shapes, and patterns of my pictures not only make for great wall art, but also look very cool on many other items! When you order an item with an image on it, be sure to adjust the image size and location to your taste by clicking and dragging the item with the image on it. When an image does not cover the whole item, adds a suitable color as a background (which you can change if you like).

You can order every image on all of the following items.

Get a cool cell phone case, and you'll always know which phone is yours

LoffredoArt on Cell Phone CasesMany phone cases look the same, so you can't tell them apart. They're also pretty boring. Get a cool case for your Apple iPhone or Samsung S (non+ model) phone. And it doesn't matter if it's new or older because there are cases available for both!

Don't run out of power on your cell phone, pad, or tablet again

LoffredoArt on Portable Battery Chargers

Tired of running out of power on your phone, pad, or tablet? Portable battery chargers come in two sizes, and have both USB and Android connections.

Liven up your living room or bedroom with throw pillowsAbstract Art on Throw Pillows

Put some color into your living room or bedroom by adding throw pillows featuring abstract art. Pillows come in 6 sizes, ranging from 14"x14" to 26"x26".

Give your bedroom a makeover with a new duvet cover

LoffredoArt on Duvet CoversChange up your bedroom with a new duvet cover, in Twin, Full, Queen or King sizes. When you order your duvet covers, be sure to adjust the image size and location to your taste by clicking and dragging. When an image does not cover the whole duvet, adds a suitable color as a background (which you can change if you like). The middle image in the graphic above shows the artwork titled "Valentine" with a matching red background color.

Tired of the same old bathroom decor? Change it up with a new shower curtain and towels!

LoffredoArt on Shower Curtains

Shower curtains?! Yes! Make your bathroom look bespoke with a custom shower curtain.

LoffredoArt on Bath Towels
Add matching towels to go with your shower curtain. Towels come in 3 sizes - 15"x30", 32"x64" and 37"x74". The larger sizes double as beach towels.

Going to the beach? Take a round beach towel with you to sit on!

LoffredoArt on Round Beach Towels

You can put this special round beach towel down on the sand to sit on, and it's 5ft in diameter, not including the tassels!

Carry all your things in a tote or weekender tote bag

LoffredoArt on Tote Bags

Totes are available in 3 sizes. Need more room? Pick up a weekender tote instead.

LoffredoArt on Weekender Tote Bags

Carry the special things you need in a stylish pouch

LoffredoArt on Carry-all Pouches
Step out with a carry-all pouch. Pouches come in small, medium, and large sizes. The small size is popular, and it's 6" x 4".

Sweat and be cool at the same time with a unique yoga mat

Yoga Mats

Write down the important things

LoffredoArt on Notebooks

Take notes in a spiral bound notebook with abstract art on the front cover. Notebooks have a pocket on the inside of the back cover.

Keep in touch by sending Greeting Cards all year round

LoffredoArt on Greeting Cards

You can send these greeting cards to anyone at any time, and not just around the holidays. Greeting cards have a picture on the front and an optional message on the inside of up to 500 characters. The back of the card has the Fine Art America logo, the title of the art work and the artist's name.

Start your day off with a colorful cup of coffee or other tasty drink

LoffredoArt on Coffee Mugs

Enjoy your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate in these mugs, which come in 2 sizes, 11 oz. and 15 oz. When you order your mugs, be sure to adjust the image size and location by clicking and dragging the mug with the image on it, as it may not cover the whole mug by default. When an image does not cover the whole mug, adds a suitable color as a background (which you can change if you like). The image below shows examples of mugs with matching background colors.

LoffredoArt on Coffee Mugs - side colors
Coffee mugs with solid background color

After your coffee, put on something uniquely colorful to wear

Get a T-shirt, sweatshirt, or even a baby onesie with your favorite picture on it! Sizes and styles for men, women, children, and babies.

LoffredoArt on Apparel

How do I get the picture onto the item the way I want it? What if I want only a part of the picture on it?

When you order an item with an image on it, be sure to adjust the image size and location to your taste by clicking and dragging on the item with the image on it. When an image does not cover the whole item, adds a suitable color as a background (which you can change if you like).

See the Portfolio and Shop Now button

This is Awesome! Where do I order these cool things??

The most direct way is to go to my gallery site, which is The desktop experience is the best, because it's easier to move an image around on an item, but you can go with a mobile device if you like.

3 Easy Steps

1 - When you go to the gallery site, you'll see the galleries:

LoffredoArt Gallery Site

2 - Click on a gallery and you'll see the images in the gallery you selected:

LoffredoArt Gallery

3 - When you click on an individual image, you'll go to the page for that image, and the options for wall art and other cool things will be listed on the right side.

LoffredoArt Image

If you have questions or have trouble with anything, just let me know!