Frames & Mats

Gallery Wrap is the “No-Frame Frame" for Canvas

Primordial Soup with gallery frame

Above is the Primordial Soup painting as a print with a gallery wrap frame. The sides are deeper than a normal painting, and the painting continues onto the sides. Alternately, you can make the sides all-black or all-white. Gallery wrap is considered a frame, even though it looks considerably different than traditional frames. It is only available on canvas.

Traditional Frames Are Available For Canvas And Paper Prints

You can add traditional frames to canvas and paper prints. has two kinds of paper prints – Art Print and Framed Print. They appear on the site as two separate options, both are paper and support frames. I have asked about it, but there appears to be no difference between the two, even though the price may be different. I personally bought an Art Print and it was perfectly fine. More recently, I did a quick check on pricing and found Art and Framed Print to be identical. So you can go either way, but if the two options price differently, choose the lower priced option.

Here's the Alchemy painting with a frame.
Framed and matted painting of Alchemy with ARL14 frame,

Here's a closeup of the frame that's in the painting above.

Frame ARL14 Studio - Espresso - Large Profile closeup
This frame has a nice design on it. has a lot of frames with designs on them. In contrast, many other companies only offer black, white, and brown frames, usually with no design on them at all, just flat. In other words, Bland & Boring.

What Frames Are Available?

When you're on the site, you can click on the frame you selected and then get a closeup view like the above image. has well over 50 different frames to chose from. There are many color categories such as gold, silver, white, black, gray, and more. Here is a sample of the frames in the Brown category.

List of the brown frames offered on

Only Paper Prints Can Have One Or Two Mats

Mats lie between the painting and the frame. They add trim, and can bring out the colors that are in the painting, frame, or both.

Below is Alchemy with a frame and one mat.
Alchemy painting with one mat,

Here is Alchemy with a frame and two mats. The wide dark mat is the top mat, and the light thin one is the bottom mat.
Alchemy with two mats,

With a two-mat picture, the Top Mat is the one farthest from the painting, and the Bottom Mat is the one that's closest to the painting. They're described this way because you'd lay the bottom mat down first, right next to the painting, and then lay the top mat onto the bottom mat, farther away from the painting. offers over 35 mats. 

List of mats on for art and framed prints.

Between the selection of frames and up to 2 mats, you can create all kinds of art for your space. Many other companies don't even offer mats as an option, which is Bland & Boring. shows you what the picture looks like with every change you make. If you would like help and/or suggestions on frames and mats, just contact me.