How to preview your picture on your wall

Can I get an idea of what the picture will look like on my wall? Is there some kind of preview?

Yes! You don't have to just imagine what the picture might look like in your house, office, business, or other location. has a cool mobile app that allows you to preview the picture right on your wall! It's only 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Print the wall target

Click the image below (it opens in a new window), and print the wall target
Wall target for preview,

Step 2: Tape the wall target to your wall

It's a good idea to use blue painter's tape or masking tape instead of scotch tape. Scotch tape could damage your wall by pulling up paint when you remove it. You don't have to position the target perfectly in order for it to work.

Wall target on the wall

Step 3: Download the app to your mobile device

Search for in the Apple Store or Google Play.

Step 4: Select a picture in the app, customize it, then point your mobile at the wall target

Select a piece of art work and pick the size, mat, and frame you like. Click the "View on Wall" button and point the phone at the wall target. You can walk around the room, and see what it looks like!

With your picture selected, point your mobile device at the wall target